Welcome to Circle of Friends!

Circle of Friends Daycare and Learning Center is a family owned and operated child care center. Day care is a choice made for a child so he or she can achieve his or her maximum potential. Teachers, caretakers, and parents must work together to give examples and create a harmony of influences, disciplines, values, and problem-solving techniques to guide children through their most valuable years.

Our Philosophy

Circle of Friends believes that as caregivers and educators of young children, it is our goal to give children a rich and nurturing environment. Allowing for safe appropriate components, we provide a sound developmental program with special emphasis on the following skills:

We at Circle of Friends take a child-centered view. Children are allowed to make choices and solve problems involving their activities and responsibilities.

Additonally, our staff is involved in on-going training for communication skill development to facilitate personal and professional growth.

What you will discover...

We have been open in Reno for over 15 years. Some of our teachers have been here since the beginning. We offer a stable environment, which provides one of the most necessary foundations to learning; trust.

You can find us centrally located in South Reno in the Donner Springs area. Find us here.


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