Our Educational Programs

The most important ingredient of a successful program is a curriculum which fosters an educational experience where initiative is promoted. Learning happens on a trial and error achievement basis that results in acquired knowledge, personal responsibility, and self-confidence.

Children are placed in age-appropriate programs that teach interactive and sharing skills. Our enrollment includes groups from 6 weeks to 12 years. For our youngest children, we focus primarily on nurturing and developing bonds between the children and the caregivers. Infants are allowed time for sensory exploration, motor skill development, language acquisition, and social interaction with other chidren.

As your child matures and moves into other agre groups, activities evolve. We allow for more independent development through play, gross motor skill development, story time, and arts and crafts. We use hands-on approaches to reinforce topics covered during learning time. Course work includes learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, singing, and art projects. We also introduce safety and behavioral discipline with trips to the park and other activities.

For children approaching kindergarden, this group is more focused on preparing your child for school. They will encounter more comprehensive alphabet work, beginning writing, reading, math, science, music and art presented in a way to best serve your child's individual needs.

Seasonal programs

We also offer care for school-age children before and after school, during fall, winter, or spring breaks. Please call for details about our summer program. Before and after school programs also include bus service to nearby schools Hidden Valley, Dodson, and Donner Springs.


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